▪️ COCOTTE Presents: Atlan & Artisan Epistem No 3

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Posted by on May 21, 2019


Cocotte chooses the best products to offer the customers a unique experience. Our specialist selects the perfect wine to accompany each dish served. Today, we present you with a product from our wine cellar: The Atlan & Artisan Epistem No. 3 – Monastrell & Garnacha Tintorera. 

This Syrah wine is aged for twelve months in oak, then another twelve months in the bottle. The juice is a rich, dark purple colour, the taste of ripe fruit supported by subtle smoke. It is well-balanced and firm, with a long-lasting taste after opening.

This wine is perfect for complementing many of our grill dishes, like our famous Tomahawk, the best one you can find in Bangkok!  You can also pair the Atlan with our wonderful Tartare “au couteau” made by our chef.  Like the French tradition, this wine may also be savoured with cheese from our selections, such as the strong taste of the Morbier.

Come to Cocotte to discover our wine cellar, and our wine expert will help you choose the perfect one. Perhaps of course, you will end up tasting the Atlan while you’re here.


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