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truffle risotto 2

Posted by on May 21, 2019

60067463_2373785512642407_2645994970128842752_nGrowing at the feet of the trees in oak forests, the truffle is one of the most precious products used in French cuisine. It is harvested during only a short period every year. Between November and February, the truffle hunters trample through the French forest. Their dogs’ and pigs’ legendary senses of smell help the hunters to find this famous treasure.

Our chefs have created dishes in the French and European tradition, each one designed to reveal the best taste of the truffle. Come discover our truffle risotto, our tartare au Couteau made with truffle, or the incredible Cocotte truffle camembert!

Want to know more about our dishes with truffle? Our Cocotte team will enjoy responding to all your questions.

See you soon at Cocotte!


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