Cocotte opened its doors on April 27th !

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery Bangkok

Posted by on May 2, 2016

Let’s get a delicious taste of the bountiful countryside life to your diners in Bangkok!

Cocotte is the first farm roast and winery in town finally opened on April 27th ! Since this day, our new fashioned venue promoting a « farm to plate » concept is full every night ! The concept is simple : coming back to the roots of what we all love: fresh and organic products, premium meat and finest wines in a comfortable & trendy atmosphere !

Jeriko Van Der Wolf Executive Chef Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery BangkokEveryday Maxence Le Bartz, managing partner, and Jeriko Van Der Wolf, executive chef, are proud to reveal to our guest Cocotte’s offer, result of a local sourcing all over Thailand and authenticity. In partnership with The Royal Farm Project & renowned artisan such as Sloane’s, Cocotte is bringing the best of these outstanding products !

At Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery, you find the most exquisite Tomahawk in town, 1.4kilos, Australian Wagyu grade 4-5, cooked over charcoal in our Kamado Joe bbq or slowly roasted chickens in a authentic French rôtisserie. The restaurant is the first in Bangkok to use such equipments, underlining a pioneering approach to using innovative roasting and grilling techniques in an open kitchen. Wine lovers are not be left behind with our large selection of finest creations. Our specialists always find the perfect pairing with our large offer of cheeses and delicatessen presented in a very authentic atmosphere.

So let’s immerse yourself, loosing all sense of time and reality, in this warm and relaxing atmosphere, at the rhythm of the poultry slowly turning over open flames !

It’s time to eat, drink and share at Cocotte !

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery Bangkok

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Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery
39 Boulevard Tower Ground Floor
Sukhumvit 39 – Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 00:00 a.m.
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