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sloane butcher Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery Bangkok

Posted by on February 24, 2016

Cocotte’s philosophy is entirely based on providing the finest products due to the partnership with passionate and local artisans. Joe Sloane is one of them.

Joe, who is now a butcher, was a very talented chef back in the day. He first trained in Michelin starred restaurants for fifteen years. He also trained in London with Albert Roux, where he discovered the art of butchery. Joe arrived in Bangkok in 2006 as an Executive Chef for the steak house restaurant ‘Rib Room’ at the five-star Landmark hotel.

As a big-hearted man, he quit his job in order to dedicate his time to his family, while he made handmade cold cuts in his backyard for his friends. With his passion and talent, success soon followed. Slowly, his hobby became his profession as his cuisine became renowned throughout Bangkok.

When talent meets convictions.

Joe’s passion is not only about providing full-flavoured sausages; it is also about having an ethical and sustainable philosophy. It is about quality food and the animals’ welfare, good meat and good cut.
sloane butcher Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery BangkokJoe believes that it is possible to bring western food into Thai plates by using local products, which have been used in the most ethical way.

For example, Sloane often speaks about of the ‘Happy Pig’. The animal is not just meat, it has to be treated well, in a humane way, and that’s how he choses the farm he works with. He is a partner of small farms, due to his request for transparency in how the animals are cared for. Living in a big and clean area, fed with organic products, the pigs can grow in the best conditions, both hormone and antibiotic-free. The animal has to be respected through its lifespan. It therefore is also a concern on how the animal is killed. Did you know that if a pig is stressed during the slaughtering, its body releases adrenalin, which causes acidity, and consequently directly influences the cooked meat?

Another challenge for Sloane is to use all the parts of the pig to make delicatessen. According to him, “the hard thing is to use all the bits in a different way to create a nice product”. Nothing has to be wasted in the end, as it has been done for thousand of years, unlike today where our new way of consumption pushed industries to use only use certain prime cuts.

Carefully selected products.

sloane butcher Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery BangkokAs mentioned, Joe is paying a lot of attention to the well being of the animals. For that, each farm is carefully selected in order to correspond to the butcher’s criteria. Joe visits every farm and abattoir he uses to personally see the conditions the pigs are kept in and how they are slaughtered. Sloane is working with a few farms across the country, which all share the same values and are totally transparent in their way to raise their pigs.

This philosophy is also ours. This is why Sloane’s and Cocotte Farm Roast and Winery will naturally work in partnership to provide the finest pork bites for you. From the farm to your plate, thanks to many passionate men and women.

sloane butcher Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery Bangkok

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