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Get to know the amazing team that make your favourite dishes a reality and truly deliver on the Cocotte Experience

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Anton Bruyas

Cocotte General Manager

Every small detail matters

Anton grew up in the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco. He has been passionate about the hospitality industry for a long time and graduated with a degree in Hotel and Food & Beverage Management. 

After graduating, Anton worked for several years in various 1- and 2-star Michelin restaurants in France, Monaco, and Switzerland building his experience in the food and beverage industry. While working at a 1-star Michelin restaurant in the South Rhône Valley, Anton developed a keen interest in wine. After several years, several books, and several bottles, he was able to cultivate a strong knowledge of wines and became a restaurant manager and sommelier in the south of France in 2017.

A year later, Anton moved to Thailand where he joined the Park Hyatt Bangkok as a restaurant and beverage manager, gaining additional international experience and furthering his knowledge of new world wines. Anton now joins Cocotte, where he delivers world-class hospitality and expert wine advice to tens of thousands of guests every year.


Benjamin Lefevre

Cocotte's Chef

Cooking is the ultimate form of giving.

Benjamin was born in Auxerre, a city in the Burgundy region of France close to Chablis. Known for its cheeses, wines, and other fresh ingredients grown by small producers, it was here that Benjamin was first introduced to the world of gastronomy. He visited many restaurants with his family where he became captivated by the atmosphere of the kitchen. As a young child, he spent plenty of time cooking with his grandmother, and grew to love it so much he would eventually begin visiting the market to discover new ingredients and create special dishes and menus for his parents to taste.


Benjamin first joined the world of F&B by obtaining his certificate of pastry, he then worked in several restaurants  France and Switzerland. He spent several years at the acclaimed Chalet Hôtel du Jeu de Paume in Chamonix Mont Blanc. Here, he worked closely with and was mentored by Chef Éric de Ganck who inspired him to pursue the profession, and shared his passion for high-quality ingredients.


Upon leaving the Hôtel du Jeu de Paume, Benjamin came to Thailand and worked at several well-known resorts in the Gulf of Thailand. Benjamin now brings his unique philosophy of food and produce and his love for unique ingredients to Cocotte’s farm-to-table concept.

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