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Meet the passionate people behind the Cocotte experience: Dive deeper and discover the talented individuals who pour their heart and soul into creating unforgettable dining experiences.


Marjolaine Reunkrilerk

Cocotte General Manager

"From the moment you step into Cocotte, our goal is to create an unforgettable experience.  Every detail, from the menu to the service, reflects our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Meet Marjolaine, the dynamic leader behind the seamless operations and unforgettable experiences at Cocotte. With a rich tapestry of cultural influences and a passion for excellence, Marjolaine embodies the spirit of our restaurant.


Marjolaine's journey reflects a love for exploration and cultural immersion. Prior to working in hospitality, Marjolaine enjoyed a successful career in the financial sector in France, where she honed her leadership and team management skills. Drawn by a desire to see the world, Marjolaine traded her French roots for a new career in hospitality. Her travels broadened her culinary horizons and sparked a passion for creating memorable dining experiences that showcase diverse flavours on the plate.


Marjolaine's exceptional experience at world-renowned establishments like Zuma honed her meticulous attention to detail and guest-centric approach. Every aspect of your Cocotte experience, from the moment you arrive, reflects Marjolaine's unwavering dedication to quality and creating truly unforgettable memories.


Marjolaine's visionary leadership shines at Cocotte, where she continues to inspire her team to new heights of culinary excellence and guest satisfaction. With her keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to quality, she ensures that every aspect of your dining experience exceeds expectations.


Reserve your table at Cocotte and experience the magic of Marjolaine's leadership firsthand! From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be welcomed into a world of diverse and exciting flavours and unparalleled hospitality, curated by a true master of her craft.


Maximilien Acier

Cocotte's Chef

“The allure of culinary arts has always been irresistible, constantly beckoning me to the kitchen.”

Chef Maximilien brings a delightful blend of cultural influences to the culinary table at Cocotte. With roots in both Lao-Thai and French heritage, his palate was nurtured by an array of flavors from an early age.


Growing up surrounded by a vibrant Lao community in Paris, Chef Maximilien cultivated a profound appreciation for food. His culinary adventure began with the comforting dishes prepared by his father and the delectable treats from his grandmothers and aunties.


As he matured, Chef Maximilien's curiosity led him to explore different cuisines. He first pursued engineering studies to honor his family's wishes, but his heart was always in the kitchen. Experimenting with South East Asian and French fusion, he discovered his true passion.


After a brief detour in computer engineering, Chef Maximilien decided to follow his heart and pursued his culinary dream. Under esteemed sushi chef Shoji Kageyama, a family friend, he explored the art of gastronomy and Japanese discipline, igniting a passion for his true calling. At the prestigious school Ferrandi, he honed his culinary prowess under exceptional chefs like Fabrice Huet.


Guided by esteemed chefs Matthieu Charriaud at Richer, and later Chefs Geoffrey Langagne and Jared Phillips at Café Compagnon, he honed his skills and refined his craft. With hard work and determination, he earned a place as the Chef at Cocotte.


Today, Chef Maximilien's creations reflect the beauty of global fusion. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted, combining spices and flavors from diverse cultures, creating a symphony of tastes that tantalize the senses. With his culinary expertise, he invites you to savor the love and dedication he pours into every plate at Cocotte.

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