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The Best Steakhouse in Bangkok (By Tatler)

Thailand is one of the worlds ultimate tourist destinations. A place rich in culture and flourishing in beauty, it is the place to visit. Scratch just below the surface however and there is so much more than you could imagine. Hidden gems are scattered across the city and around every corner awaits a new adventure. Whether you’re a tourist or local alike, your Bangkok experience will be incomplete without visiting Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery.

Although Cocotte needs no introduction, if you are hearing the name for the first time, here is a little insight into the best steak house in Bangkok

Cocotte is a French restaurant that believes in bringing you the best produce direct from farm to table, and has become undoubtedly the Best steakhouse in Bangkok. Located in Phrom Phong, down Sukhumvit 39, this steakhouse creates an experience that will indulge you in its exclusivity from the moment you walk in the door.

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery have set its heart on providing exclusive and premium quality organic ingredients to its customers. Thus, this French restaurant offers an unforgettable experience to all their visitors. With a Vibrant atmosphere, Cocotte is an amazing way to spend some quality time with friends and family and enjoy a unique food experience. This Trendy Bangkok restaurant has an exceptional ambiance and is split into three key areas; the bar, the delicatessen & of course the open kitchen. You get to see the action live, smell as the aromas from the kitchen fills the room, watch as you see the fresh produce become a work of art, and that's what breaths life into its environment.

Cocotte is famous for two things, its organic produce and the wide selection of exotic cuts and dry-aged meat. If you are someone who has a taste for premium quality meat, you simply can’t miss this place. It is a wonderland for meat lovers.

The soul of Cocotte is being organic & choosing the best meat cuts to serve, here is a quick look at their Beef selection and menu.

Beef Selection

Cocotte uses tasty, organic, and premium meat. They have a wide selection of different beef cuts, and dry-aged meats. In fact, Cocotte offers some of the Best meat cuts you will find in the whole country. Some of the premium beef selection they have in-house include:

Tomahawk Wagyu

One of the most exquisite and luxurious pieces of meat is the Tomahawk wagyu. It is a ribeye beef steak. With its exclusive marbling and a perfect percentage of fat, the taste is a one-of-a-kind experience. All the way from the Rangers Valley, this Wagyu beef is having a marbling score of 6. Cocotte prepares a pre-marinated from 1.4 kg to 2 kg cut of your choice straight to your table with extraordinary cooking techniques and three complementary sauces of your choice.

Porterhouse Black Angus

The Black Angus Porterhouse is yet another gem on the Cocotte menu’s. The Australian Black Angus Beef is 270 days grain-fed and as a result, the meat has an exclusive marbling. This particular breed produces premium quality cuts, and the meat is tender, flavorful, and juicy. For these reasons, the Black Angus Porterhouse is among the top choices of customers at Cocotte.

Tajima A4 Wagyu

Tajima is a breed of Japanese wagyu that is known to be the best wagyu in the world. Tajima has a buttery taste and melts in the mouth like a caramel toffee. It also has the highest level of marbling, color, and firmness. The Tajima A4 is one of the most premium and exclusive Japanese meat-cuts in the whole world. Cocotte serves Tajima with finesse doing justice to its unique original flavor.


With an A3 grade on marbling, color, and firmness, Takumi is yet another delicious Japanese wagyu beef available at cocotte. This ribeye wagyu has beautiful marble and a delicious taste that leaves a buttery feeling on your tongue.

Australian Wagyu

Apart from the Tomahawk, Cocotte also brings delicious hanger steak and oyster blade wagyu to your table. With a marbling score of 6 and 7, respectively, this Australian wagyu is neck on neck with the Japanese wagyu ranking second most premium quality wagyu producers of the world.


Cocotte has a versatile menu. Just because they are famous for their meat selection doesn't mean they don't serve other foods. Cocotte knows how to keep their customers happy, so whether you like chicken, beef, pork, or seafood, they offer a variety of delicious dishes, all made and sourced from organic ingredients. Here is what they have on their menu:


Indulge in the delicacy of delicious cheeses and cold cuts. You will be amazed at the variety of will get on the menu's board section. Whether it's cheese or cold cuts, the variety is unmatched. Furthermore, delicacies don't end here. If you love truffles, this is the place to enjoy them. Embrace everything truffle from Truffle salami to Truffle Brie, your truffle appetite will be beyond satisfied at Cocotte.

Small bites

Get a selection of exotic sides in the small bite section. Whether it's chicken, duck or even Uni, Cocotte knows how to satisfy every customer. Tell me, as a sea lover, can you say no to Uni?


Cocotte has carefully designed its menu. Just as your eyes wander on the starter section, the trail of delicious meat starts to form. You see beef starting to appear on the menu, and the best part is, everything is in-house. From beef carpaccio to foie gras & raspberry, you can feel your hunger starting to form.


From 350 grams serving to a whole ¼ kg chicken, you get several top-notch chicken dishes to share with your friends and family. Since Cocotte in French translates to chicken, you can't miss the delicious, juicy chicken rotisserie offered at Cocotte.


Cocotte is known for their selection of beef. The reason they produce such a memorable taste is that they bring Farm to the table, literally. With nine delicious and out of this world grill dishes, you get a fine and exquisite selection of both beef and lamb. You might think of Beef bourguignon when hearing French cuisine, but Cocotte has a modern take on some of the world's best meat produce.

However, if you are in a mood to enjoy a rack of lamb, you will get nothing but the highest premium quality at cocotte. The rack of Australian milk fed lamb is not just delicious, and flavorsome, but also juicy and tender. Spiced up with exotic spices and cooking secrets, Cocotte brings a life-changing experience giving you a wonderful and tasteful new memory to cherish.


Who says a salad is boring? Visit Cocotte and try fresh, tasty, and refreshing Salads. You can enjoy a Crab & Avocado salad, or an exquisite Truffle Salad. The restaurants have something for every tastebud.


With three main seafood dishes, you might find a limited choice, but the flavor does justice to it. Whether it’s their Lobster Pasta, Salmon ‘Provencal’ or their exclusive Pumpkin and Turbot, you will get the highest quality food at Cocotte.


Another highlight of Cocotte's menu are their signature dishes. These are the dishes that will literally blow your tastebuds away. With amazing cooking techniques, and the highest quality ingredients, you have to try their signature menu from Cheesy Aligot to Black Angus Beef bourguignon and Cocotte’s Pork Belly. However, the best of all, the most rich and flavorsome is the Wagyu Beef Wellington. This signature dish has the delicious buttery taste of wagyu beef tenderloin wrapped up in a pastry along with mushrooms, and a foie gras sauce, making it one of the most popular dishes on the menu.


If you think the menu ends here, you are wrong. The Tiramisu to Dark Chocolate Lava offers something to satisfy your sweet tooth after a memorable meal.

You may have visited several steakhouses, but Cocotte ensures an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Its trendy and vibrant ambiance is amazing, paired with exquisite dishes is worth coming back too over and over again.. No matter where you are, if you plan to visit Bangkok, Visit Cocotte, and indulge in the best steakhouse in town.


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