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This Michelin Guide Awarded Spot In Bangkok Is Where You Go For One Of The Best Rotisseries

Hi, foodies! When it comes to Bangkok, it’s no stranger to name it the world’s best culinary wonderland. Tiny alleyways that flash the glorious smell of street food, the restaurants here hide fine meanings too. That is, to be awarded one of the world’s most known food critics, Michelin Guide. Today, we’re uncovering yet another Michelin Guided awarded gem specialising in organic farm products. It’s none other than Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery!

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery: A Place Specialising In Organic Farm Products

Awarded with various trophies such as Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant from 2017 to 2020 and 2018 The Plate Michelin Guide, Cocotte has valid reasons for its high scores. Encountering organic farm products that are carefully selected, this welcoming French restaurant offers a rural chic atmosphere in the heart of Bangkok.

Helmed by a French chef, Cocotte churns out beautiful plates of European delights that touch the hearts of many. Gaining its followers with organic farm products and free-range meats, this is more than just your ordinary steak place. Moreover, they’re now adding more flavours with their new menu! Scroll down as we uncover their new exciting dishes!

Starting Off With The Classics

With at least fifty items in their menu, it’s hard not to get all the signatures in one seating. A menu that consists of a wide range of meats, it’s especially easy to notice the Tajima A4. One of the best Wagyu in the world, it’s the melt-in-your-mouth experience that draws the foodie here. Smooth caramel texture that gives a silky buttery finish, it’s no wonder why people come here solely for this.

Truffle Experience That You Can’t Find Elsewhere

Truffles! A distinct pungent smell that might scare some, Cocotte takes on a way that doesn’t overdo the game. The Truffle Chicken Wings and Truffle Burrata are dishes that satisfy the palate. Organic chicken wing served with homemade truffle mustard, the sauce is a flawless pair to the crispy wings. The latter is a 150g Truffle Burrata served with artichokes, rockets and of course, fresh truffles.


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