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Truffle Week at Cocotte!

From Tuesday 22nd February to Monday 28th February 2022

Chef Franck has exclusively crafted a few dishes for this special occasion: don’t miss it!

These past years, truffles have gained widespread attention in the culinary world, adored by chefs and food-lovers alike.

In addition to their strong flavor and fragrant aroma, truffles are also highly nutritious and have several powerful health effects*.

*if you want to know more about its benefits:




Truffle Croque-Monsieur

Croque Monsieur is a delicious French ham and cheese sandwich made with gruyere, parmesan and ham, toasted in the oven. For the occasion, we will cook it and serve it with truffles!


Truffle Beef Tartare

Discover a new and unique version of the classic beef tartare!


Tenderloin Rossini Perigueux

Beef Tenderloin Black Angus Rossini with Périgueux Truffle Sauce, a name as appetizing as the picture below…


Truffle Parma Ham Gnocchi

The famous Italian dumplings, made with flour and potatoes, cooked and prepared in a special truffle sauce!


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