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A Taste of Excellence: Japanese Beef Week at Cocotte Bangkok

For all the discerning gourmands on the hunt for the best steak in Bangkok - make sure to check out Japanese Beef Week at Cocotte Bangkok from the 1st - 14th April. For this exclusive event, our culinary team has curated a selection of the finest Japanese beef cuts available, offering a truly distinctive dining experience. 

This is your chance to indulge in the legendary quality of Japanese beef. We’ll be showcasing three exceptional cuts, each boasting unrivaled tenderness, flavour, and marbling - the hallmarks of true Japanese Wagyu. 

The Kuromame Tenderloin: A Legacy of Excellence 

This cut is sourced from Kuromame Nagi A5 Japanese Black Cattle. This incredibly rare breed, with a limited production of 3,000 heads from only five certified farms, represents one of the oldest Wagyu bloodlines in existence. Their diet consists of locally produced "Kuromame” (Japanese black bean), further enhances the beef’s natural umami, and creates a beautiful marbling effect. Prepare to be surprised by the Kuromame Tenderloin’s complex flavour - both luxuriously beefy and melt-in-your-mouth tender at the same time. This cut is a true testament to the exceptional quality that Japanese beef in Bangkok has to offer.

Kiwami Prime Rib: The Height of Decadence

Indulge in the Kiwami Prime Rib. Meaning “outstanding excellence” in Japanese, Kiwami Wagyu lives up to its name with a marbling score of 9+ and a meticulously curated selection process. Kiwami cattle are derived from cattle with Japanese Wagyu genetics, and are raised on a unique two-step feeding program, first enjoying a pasture-raised life until 15 months old, followed by a minimum of 400 days of grain finishing. This method cultivates a truly decadent eating experience, with rich, deeply satisfying flavours and unparalleled marbling. 

Kagoshima Rump Cap (Picanha): A Striking Combination of Flavour and Texture 

The final cut is the Kagoshima Rump Cap, also known as Picanha. This cut comes from Kagoshima prefecture, renowned for its prized Wagyu beef derived from the Kuroushi (Japanese black cow) breed. Kagoshima Kuroushi boasts a finely-textured tenderness, and a well-balanced fat content, resulting in a full-bodied flavour with a distinct umami profile. The intricate marbling, rich in healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, creates a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. This beef is a true testament to the meticulous breeding practises Japanese beef to such a high standard. 

Experience the Best Steak in Bangkok!

Cocotte’s Japanese Beef Week promises a truly exceptional culinary experience for any steak aficionado. With access to these exclusive cuts, you will experience the pinnacle of Japanese Wagyu - the perfect combination of flavour, texture, and marbling that sets it apart on a global stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to savour the best steak in Bangkok. Reserve your table today! 


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